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About Us

OHAANSZ Life Trading LLC registered in UAE and India is proud to be the partner for reliable Organic, Halal, Ayurvedic, Aloe vera & more, Natural, Sustainable, Zero Chemical (OHAANSZ) certified Products around the Globe. We are dedicated to bring quality, Health and safe products for people’s everyday needs. Through a unique partnership between companies and consumers, OHAANSZ brings together Suppliers, Manufacturers, Sellers to promote and advance the health and wellbeing of people, animal, plants and the planet. 

We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity without compromising being who we are. OHAANSZ emphasizes on the vision,  “innovation for improvement of mankind” which has resulted in the creation of  a new venture with revolutionary concept in the history of online market platforms and the world’s first fully dedicated Marketplace for OHAANSZ products.

We OHAANSZ maintain the highest standards of quality and the product shall meet the relevant internal and pharmacopeia standards and the statutory requirements to achieve our tagline true Revive Yourself.


The quality is a precondition for business success and a key to competitiveness and productivity. Quality is not just a matter of change but it is a result in high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent directions and skilful execution. We offer you a high-quality product, which comes truly under the categories of Organic, Herbal, Ayurveda, Alternative, Natural, Sustainable and Zero chemical (OHAANSZ) products.


To be a pioneer in driving force in world transition to OHAANSZ products across the world which can promote healthy wellbeing. For healthy tomorrow we improve lives by providing all OHAANSZ products to our consumers. To contribute on the establishment of a secure and sustainable product that promotes the heath of human and environment in the local and global market.


To be the most trusted Retail & Web partner for OHAANSZ products across the world. To support Passionate Manufacturer, Farmers, Sellers of OHAANSZ products that serves and protect the mother of nature to establish their business globally. Strive to meet the increasing and diversified demand of the customers by bringing in innovative products which offers health, safety and reliability. Unite Customers, Manufacturer and sellers to transform health and business practices in alignment with regenerative systems to support the human wellbeing and planet.


To achieve the highest quality standards in the field of OHAANSZ products and to contribute in building the main infrastructure of this field in accordance with the highest requirements.


To provide something more to humanity with a simple desire, help them to enhance their health and wellbeing. This has become the basis of everything we do. The very base foundation of a growing legacy of trust and an oath to our consumers that we take responsibly and seriously—Trust the OHAANSZ

Consistent quality, commitment and ethics are the pillars of our company. Our strength is our quality products, competitive rates, timely supply and service and satisfaction to our customers. 

 Why you can trust OHAANSZ!!!!!!!

Quality Commitment 

We believe our obsession with quality makes for better supplements. When you purchase a product from OHAANSZ, you can rest easy knowing that the ingredients, process and sourcing of our products have undergone rigorous testing and approval processes and certifications before they make their way to you.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

We’re committed to good manufacturing quality and safety when creating and sourcing of our products. We are truly focused for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and its compliance as per the required guidelines. 

Exceeding even the highest expectations

Our dedication to quality shows in our product line, but don’t take our word for it. Our certifications from respected industry groups and affiliations with quality organizations speak volumes about the superiority of OHAANSZ products.

Giving Back to Nature

At OHAANSZ, we strive to help people live their best lives using the gifts of nature. To live up to that vision, we believe we need to care for the planet and people that provide those gifts. Our current initiatives help us recycle more, support communities, source sustainably, and keep our manufacturing processes focused on limiting our footprint.

Commitment to Quality Sourcing

At OHAANSZ, we source our products from the places they manufactured best. Sourcing OHAANSZ products from native places ensures authenticity and quality and it keeps local farmers, vendors and suppliers employed. By sourcing directly from the actual resources to help us produce the best and to support the people who produce them best, thus we can support local communities and small family businesses.

Waste Less

We bring nature’s gifts to you – so we want to make sure we keep these gifts healthy for generations. A big part of that is contributing to less landfill waste. For the upcoming years, we’ve made a conscious effort towards waste less. We’re always making an improved and a possible effort for a good impact on earth.


Advertising doesn't buy loyalty. Recommendations from people who use our products are responsible for our success. We choose to invest more in research and product findings than in advertising. It keeps the prices down and the quality up. Many products that are two and three times as expensive have minimal levels of the featured ingredients. This is due to the high cost of advertising and marketing. Our products earn your loyalty by delivering exceptional results. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your friends. This is OHAANSZ way of Life- Revive Yourself.

At OHAANSZ, we believe that Nature has given us the foundation to be our healthiest selves. That’s why it is our mission to provide products that harness the best nature has to offer, embrace the wisdom of traditional health practices, and evolve to support modern health needs. Through this commitment, you can feel confident of the quality and care that we put in every OHAANSZ product

We bring our values of inclusivity, integrity, wisdom, and authenticity to everything we do. That’s why our sourcing mode goes beyond the industry standard to live up to our own.  We are honoured to be your trusted guide for the future by continuing to bring you the very finest OHAANSZ products so you can feel secured that every product is held to the highest standards and will help you be at your best.